Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Came First …the page or the card?

I was stranded at the house for a few days with no car. Alternator went bye-bye on the mini-van! It is only 3 years old so I am kind of surprised. Anyway it gave me a little bit of time to finish the layout I started over the weekend and make a matching card. So I guess in this case the page came first. The card was inspired by Kristina Werner and her blog, she make wicked awesome cards. The paper for the layout I have had for eons. I have to start using this stuff. The kids are only 5 and 3 in these pictures, they look so cute and innocent. It is hard to believe they are now 10 and almost 9 and play comp soccer and tackle football. Oh to go back in time.

Okay short post today waiting for one of my great friends who have graciously been driving me around town this week!



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