Amuse Studio Stamp Prep

There really is very little prep work for amuse stamps. They already have the images attached to the back of the stamps, which I think is fabulous since I am never good at getting those types of things lined up. They are completely cut, no kiss cuts and risk of tearing. 

1. This is what the stamp sets look like when you first get them. There is also a piece of acetate on the top and bottom. Set those aside for any other projects you would like to use them for ie..window cards and boxes, etc.

 2. Start peeling the paper backing off of the stamp set leaving the stamps intact. Some times those little buggers want to come with the paper.
 3. Now you have a paper free stamp set. This is the "sticky" side that will provide the "cling" for your stamps.
 4. Carefully flip the set over and give it a little squish! Make adjustments as needed to be sure that your set fits on the one side completely. You can fit two thicknesses of stamps, for example if the set is large it will be cut in two and you will have to put it on both sides of the DVD case.
 5. Now you are ready to stamp. This system is great because now you will know when you are missing a piece to the set.
Happy Amuse Studio Stamping!