Monday, June 22, 2009

Stepping out...

So I have become a fan of Two Peas in a Bucket's Tuesday Warehouse tour. On one tour I was watching they quietly said the name of a company, showed a few sheets of the paper, I was instantly intrigued and I had to find out who they were. I mean come on I read every publication I can get my hands on, spend countless hours scouring the internet for new ideas, how could this new company slip by my radar? So I rewound the video clip 800 times, listened for the name and started my search.

Much to my happpiness I found them quickly! Bella Blvd. I was immediately in love, the colors were great, (they have loads stripes which are my fave!) fresh ideas from the gallery and best of all the italian connection! I love anything that reminds me of my honeymoon.

So smack dab on their homepage is submission call...Hmmmm, I say to myself-Why not? So I order some product from Two Peas, they were afterall the ones to inspire this whole journey, and once it arrives start to create. Who knows if anything will come of it but I have talked way too long about doing something like this so, I am stepping out of my comfort zone!

I will cross my fingers and hope my stuff catches their eye!