Friday, August 8, 2008

Snail Mail Delivered

Much to my surprise I was delivered a much needed new magazine today. Summer has been long and I have devoured every page of every idea book and magazine I have. Simple Scrapbooks Mag. donned my mailbox today and I couldn't wait to check it out.

As I prepared my lunch, the new issue sat staring at me, waiting to be peeked through.
(I love to read while I eat, so lucky for me the mail comes right at lunch time. )

It got me thinking..."Do other people have any new magazine "rituals"?

For instance, I check out the cover and read the points of interest, then I skim through every page. (Except this time, the Fake Ad had me rushing each page) When I get to the back, I review every page from back to front. Then I usually take time to read the letter from the editor then proceed to articles. I must look at each issue a million times and begin to mark pages of interest with the mini post-it notes. Which will eventually be taken out and put in the idea file.

This all sounds so crazy and methodical...I think I need to relax =)

Do you have a process? For fun...Please share. I would love to find out if I am the only neurotic one.

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